Adoptable Animals

At Best Pets, Ltd. our animals do not come from wholesalers or “mills” (other than fish and some reptiles). Our kittens, small animals, birds, reptiles, and fish come from our community. If customers can no longer provide for their pets or had unexpected litters we take them in to find new homes. Our puppies come from other animal rescues in the area.

Please check our Facebook page for current animals waiting for homes.

Animal pictures include: kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, finches, doves, ball pythons, corn snakes, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, hermit crabs, saltwater fish, freshwater fish.

Kitten & Puppy Adoption

All of our kittens and puppies are up to date on their vaccinations, de-worming, flea & tick protection, spayed or neutered, and checked by our veterinarian (puppies are also micro-chipped). You must fill out an Adoption Application before adopting a new pet. Click here to download the application so you can get a jump start on the process.